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Reincising Machen's Headstone

2020 AGM and Dinner

FoAM Meeting in USA?

New Publication: Secret Ceremonies

New Publication: Faunus: The Decorative Imagination of Arthur Machen

Republication of Machen's Hieroglyphics

Faunus Essay Competition


Reincising the Inscription on Machen's Headstone

When Arthur Machen died, in 1947, he was buried with his wife Purefoy, who had predeceased him, in the Old Amersham Cemetery. As well as names and dates, the headstone bore both artwork and the legend: Omnia Exeunt in Mysterium - "all things pass into strangeness". A fitting motto, but the inscription has suffered more than seventy years of weather and lichen. Now the Friends of Arthur Machen have contracted for the stone to be cleaned and reincised. The work is to be undertaken by Creative Memorials.


2020 AGM and Dinner

Next Year's FoAM Annual General Meeting and Dinner to be held at The Grange Hotel, York on 7th March. The AGM will commence at 3pm, the Dinner at 7.30pm. Further details to be announced: watch this space!


Calling Members in USA!

FoAM's new USA representative, Dean Zimmerman, would like to hear from any US members who would like to meet up, perhaps initially with a dinner in New York or some other convenient city. If you're interested, email Dean from the contacts page.


New Book: The Secret Ceremonies: Critical Essays on Arthur Machen

Edited by FoAM members Mark Valentine and Timothy J.Jarvis, this is a new publication by Hippocampus Press. The book contains 20 essays on Machen's work, some with the authority of the past but many of them new and written for this publication. Also contains a selection of Machen's own reflections on his literary career. For more information click here!


New Book: Faunus: The Decorative Imagination of Arthur Machen

Edited by James Machin, this is a new publication by Strange Attractor, an anthology of the best of Faunus, drawing not only on the rarer and more obscure pieces by Machen himself, but on the rich veins of more recent reflection and scholarship to be found in our journal. For more information click here!


Hieroglyphics republished by Tartarus Press

Machen wasn't only a practitioner of writing fiction. In the Edwardian era his literary journalism led him to formulate his own ideas in the field we now designate as literary theory. Machen's narratological theories lead him towards ecstasy as the essential quality of great writing. He founds his arguments deep in perceptive practical reading of classic literature, privileging stories of quest and adventure over the realism triumphant in his youth, feting Homer rather than Jane Austen. His theories have a lasting coherence and also shed a fascinating light on Machen's own achievement in fiction. To find out more, visit this page!


Announcing Faunus Essay Prizes

In this year, 2019, there will be a £200 prize for the best essay contribution to Faunus, and two runner-up prizes of £100 each. All three prizes will include a year's free membership of FoAM. Anyone except Committee members of FoAM may contribute. Essays should be a minimum of 4000 words in length, and may concern any subject likely to be of serious interest to members. The Faunus Editors, James Machin and Timothy Jarvis will be the judges, and submissions should be made to that journal.